Some homeowners take it upon themselves to do the house re-painting job as they worry that contractors will not be able to turn their vision into reality. This practical decision, however, can result in unnecessary spending and, in extreme cases, can put people’s health at risk.

Reuters Washington correspondent Julia Edwards reports on how a home improvement retail chain had to pay a $500,000 penalty for exposing people on paints that used the toxic material lead:

“An EPA investigation found that Lowe’s could not provide documentation to prove that contractors it hired to work at 13 stores across nine states were certified by the agency, or had used its approved kits to test for lead paint at work sites, the EPA said.

“Today’s settlement sends a clear message to all contractors and the firms they hire: Get lead certified and comply with the law to protect children from exposure to dangerous lead dust,” said Cynthia Giles, assistant administrator for the EPA’s Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance.

In a statement Lowe’s said it “has had an aggressive lead-based paint renovation compliance program in place since the EPA’s Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule went into effect” and that there had been no reports of lead-based paint health issues associated with projects completed by its contractors.”

Paints that contain lead are still out in the market and the general public continues to face the risk of buying this hazardous material. To avoid the fatal mistake of buying and using this toxic coloring agent, people can consider calling experienced Knoxville, TN house painters. These professionals are trained to distinguish which kind of paint is safe and which can cause possible health risks.

Contrary to what many believe, choosing a paint is much more than just picking a specific color or shade that best fits the taste of its owners. Paint picking is a serious task that considers factors like the material on which it will be applied and whether it will be used indoors or outdoors. Choosing the kind of paint solely on its aesthetic appeal can lead to unnecessary expenses that many cannot afford to have.

Homeowners can consult with a reliable Knoxville painting contractor, such as Regal Painting, before embarking on any painting project. Doing this should save them time and money, and can even prevent the repercussions of using possible hazardous painting materials.

(Source: Lowe’s to pay $500,000 in EPA lead settlement, Julia Edwards, April 17, 2014)