Do you offer free estimates?
YES, Just call me at 865-805-8341.
Why should I hire a professional painter?
Painting is actually a skilled trade, which requires training and the appropriate tools. Professional painters know how to prepare surfaces, which paints to use for different areas of your home or business and how to attain the best finish.
What do I have to prepare for the painters?
We take care of all the preparation for exterior jobs. Our professionals will protect your outdoor furniture and shrubbery. For interior jobs, we recommend that you move valuable objects such as family heirlooms, artwork and fragile decorative pieces.
How do you prepare surfaces before painting begins?
Exterior surfaces are pressure washed; we check all caulking prior to painting and replace any if needed. All areas are primed as needed before the application of the finishing coat. For interior jobs, small holes are patched and sanded before painting.
Do you use top quality paint?
YES. We use premium quality products from all the major suppliers. However, the brand of paint we use can be influenced by other factors including customer preference, the nature of the project, and other bid specifications.
When can I put things back on my shelves?
Wait at least 48 hours and longer if you can. Latex paint takes 14 days to fully cure.
Do you remove wallpaper?
Yes and we can match most textures.
Do you have references?
YES. We would be happy to provide with references of similar jobs completed in your neighborhood.
Do you carry liability insurance?
YES. We are fully licensed and properly insured.