When one hears the word paint, the terms “color”, “art”, and “beauty” immediately pops into most people’s mind. But a new breed of paint is going beyond its realm by venturing into the realm of health care. Betsy Teutsch recently reported about Chemist Pilar Mateo’s invention on The Atlantic:

“A local hospital facing a cockroach infestation inspired Mateo to come up with an idea for infusing paint with insecticide. It would be slow-releasing; toxic to the insects, but not to humans. Her microencapsulation experiment eventually succeeded, with vast potential for reducing human illness by treating structures. Painting disease prevention on a wall is, after all, likely easier than later diagnosing and treating patients.

… The approach is proving effective in decreasing insect-borne diseases like dengue fever and malaria. Additionally, it is reducing populations of many unpopular insects: ants, bedbugs, cockroaches, scorpions, spiders, ticks, and more.”

Dr. Mateo’s discovery is certainly a game changer in paint industry, but this is not the first time that an innovative kind of paint has made headlines. A company last year released a waterproof paint that repelled all the water that hit it. There’s also that paint variety that degrades dirt thereby cleaning itself. The world, certainly, will not run out new discoveries and innovative ideas that can turn the simplest coloring agent into an unlikely vessel for improving the quality of life.

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(Source: The House Paint That Can Prevent Diseases, Betsy Teutsch, May 20, 2014)